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PC Construction specialise in the design, supply and construction of Ecocrib Retaining Walls, Gabion Walls and Reinforced Soil Walls.


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Our Success is based on our 21 years experience specialising in retaining walls and the ability to provide a first class service for all methods of retaining wall construction.

We have developed the Ecocrib retaining wall system using a specified mix of recycled polymers which are moulded under controlled temperatures and pressures to create a durable and strong profile for Ecocrib.

Ecocrib walls are certified by BBA for a 120 year design life and its sustainability factors are second to none. With a resistance to moisture, UV light, microbiological attack and acidic soils - The certified life expectancy is much more than that of other systems and this is such a big factor for developments, adding a 100% assurance to housing developers and construction works all over the UK but without the hefty costs that are implicated by using other systems. The components are 100% recycled polymer and are also 100% recyclable. The wall has a pleasing look and has the appearance of dark timber, we also offer plantation inside the wall so that you can decorate and make the wall fit in to the environment even more. Take a look at the pictures through the case studies and you will see how it can be adapted to your environment.

We hope you've enjoyed reading and if you need any further information then please go to the contact us page, alternatively if you'd like to call us our office number is 0151 355 8345.

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Watch our construction time lapse video:

As of 20/11/2015 we have built 23,000m2 of Ecocrib walling throughout the UK and Ireland. This equates to 1,965 tons of recycled plastic or 225 miles of Ecocrib profile.

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